“Mama, how do you make….”, the cookbook, is finished after 1½+ years of writing, cooking, and tasting.  About 70 copies were mailed out or delivered to friends and family in early December 2019 and a second batch printed subsequently.  I heard from so many of you with children, cousins, best friends who had to have a copy!  The response has been unbelievable!  Thank you all for calling, emailing, texting, writing, and sending pictures of the food you have been cooking in the cookbook.  And a very big thank you to my husband Terry for the many hours he contributed by writing the software for the printing of the book, editing and keeping me motivated to finish.   It has been great hearing from everyone!  And the best part is I continue receive communications each time someone tries a new recipe!  I never imagined it would be so well received.  My apologies for not signing the books – honestly, it never occurred to me! 

Many of you have asked, what’s next?  Where can my friends buy the book?  Are you writing another book?  First of all, I was not planning to sell the book.  It was meant to be a gift for family and friends.  But, as the requests for “one more book” kept coming in, I decided to make the book available on Amazon. As for writing another book, who knows?  In the meantime, Terry and I have been spending a lot of time working on a new project – the “Mama, how do you make…. Blog” is now up and running!    

Since I finished the book, I have been working on some new recipes as well as continuing to tweak and correct errors and omissions in the recipes in the book.  They are small corrections and may seem unimportant, but for a person who is very literal or not an experienced cook, they will make a difference in the final product.  One focus of the blog will be to clarify and correct the book recipes as needed.  I encourage you to make the corrections in your copy of the book as well as adding your personal notes.  But the main focus of the blog will be to add new recipes, suggest menu ideas using recipes in the book, and to provide information on cooking techniques, my favorite products, and equipment.

Buon Appetito and Happy Cooking!