Cookbook on Amazon

The cookbook is now available on Amazon! You can find it here.

Why Did We Decide to Publish the Cookbook?

Initially, we were using a book printing company, not a book publisher or distributor. We started with an order of 75 book and sent copies to friends and family. As we got requests for more books, we placed additional smaller orders with the printer and sent more copies to friends and family. It became impractical to order ones and twos from the printing company, so we decided to make the book directly available (through Amazon) for anyone who wanted another cookbook.

How Did We Decide on the Price for the Book?

Initial Pricing. Because we are using Amazon as our “print on demand” distributor for the cookbook, we are subject to Amazon’s pricing rules.  Amazon takes a distributor’s commission equal to their printing costs ($21.43) plus an additional two-thirds of printing costs ($14.29), for a total of $35.72 – which is the minimum price we can charge for the book.  If the book price is over the minimum price, the difference is shared 40% to Amazon and 60% to us.  So, our $37.95 price gives us a royalty of $1.34.

New 2023 Pricing. Amazon raised printing costs as of June 20, 2023. Our new printing cost is $24.84, which means the minimum price we can charge for the book is $41.40. We decided to make a change that reduces Amazon’s printing costs. The current book is printed with premium color. We have changed the book to print with standard color. Although that change makes the food images not quite as sharp, we think they are still acceptable. With that change, we can price the new Second Edition of our book at $25.95.