I am so excited to tell you about “GreenPan” pots and pans!  I love, love, love these pans!  I have owned and cooked with many high-end, popular brands of cookware, including All Clad Professional, Scan Pan, Calphalon and several other different brands of non-stick fry pans.  I have never had any other pots and pans that make me such a happy cook!  I have been cooking with the GreenPans for over a year, my daughter Lisa uses the fry pans and son Scott has the set of 10.  In the words of my daughter-in-law, Tammy, “they are the bomb!”

First of all, these are ceramic, non-stick pans, coated with Thermolon – not the old Teflon (plastic) coated non-stick surface.  Thermalon is heat resistant up to 450 degrees without blistering or releasing toxic fumes.  It is a great heat conductor, so the pans heat up more quickly and cook more evenly.  And you can cook at a lower temperature setting.  The Thermalon ceramic non-stick surface allows you to use less oil or butter – clean-up is a breeze.  I have never had to scrub these pans. They perform on all heat sources including induction cook tops.  They claim to be scratch resistance, but I admit, I am careful with them and do not use metal utensils, etc.  Mine have not scratched.  They have oven proof handles and lids so they can be used in the oven.  These pans are amazingly light weight for how well they conduct heat.

I encourage you to buy one frying pan to see if you like them before investing in the entire set.  However, the price of the pans might surprise you.  A 10-piece set of All Clad can cost anywhere from $700 to $900, Calphalon $800 (often on sale for $500), Scan Pan Ceramic $600.  A set of Valencia Pro GreenPans is $300.  There are several different styles, but I have the Valencia Pro.

Did I mention how much I my GreenPans?