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Happy Birthday Mom – 101 Years Young

My Mom (Mary Baldi) will be 101 years old on October 28, 2020 and is doing great!

She has been living in Bellevue for the last 2+ years in an adult care home with 4 other residents and 2 live-in care givers, Daniela and her husband Mario.  They are wonderful people and take good care of her, for which I am very grateful.  Due to Covid19, we have not been allowed to visit inside – no hugs or physical contact.  During the warm summer months, we could visit from the driveway while she was outside on the porch.  This is not ideal, but it has allowed her to see me and to know she is not forgotten.

There will be cake and a party for her at her “home”, but it will only be for the residents.  Terry, Lisa and I will visit her briefly outside with masks and social distancing in place.

She loves getting your cards and I thank you for thinking of her on this very special occasion. Cards can be sent to my address:  221 109th Ave. SE, Bellevue WA 98004 and I will deliver them to her.  Flowers can be sent to her home address, 4439 153rd Ave. SE, Bellevue WA 98006.

Getting Ready for the Big Day
Last Year at Mary’s 100th Birthday Party
On the Porch at Her Retirement Home
On the Porch with Caregiver Daniela (Audrey in Background)
Another on the Porch (with Betty)
Making Cookies at Rosalie’s (a Bit Over a Year Ago)