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Cookies and Bars

Soft Molasses Cookies with Candied Ginger

These Soft Molasses Cookies with Candied Ginger are truly the BEST – chewy soft centers, slightly crisp edges, sugary tops, and a rich spiced flavor.  The addition of candied or crystalized ginger adds a textural surprise and an extra pop of gingery flavor.  There is just the right amount of […]

Soups, Stews and Legumes

Celery Root and Fennel Soup

Contrary to popular belief, celery root is not the root of the celery stalks we see in stores.  It is closely related botanically but is bred specifically for the root instead of the stalks.  It has a distinctive taste of celery and parsley with earthy notes and the texture of […]


French Silk Tart

French Silk Tart is not a French dessert.  The name comes from its silky texture, reminiscent of French silk.  The decadent chocolate, mousse-like filling melts in your mouth.  The Chocolate Shortbread Tart Crust adds crunch, more richness, and pairs beautifully with the creamy filling.  The crust is a simple recipe […]


Chocolate Shortbread Tart Crust

A simple chocolate shortbread tart crust that is sure to become one of your favorites.  No rolling or chilling needed – no need for the mixer or food processor.  Just stir ingredients together, press in the pan, and bake.   

Breads and Pizza

Overnight Focaccia, Genovese Style

Did I really need another focaccia recipe?  Probably not, but by now you know, I never believe a recipe is ever really “finished”.  I love tinkering with my recipes.  It’s not always because I think they need improvement, but because I enjoy experimenting.  This recipe is a combination of the […]

Cookies and Bars

Cream Cheese Brownies with Shortbread Crust

Nothing beats a classic, fudgy chocolate brownie except these Cream Cheese Brownies with Shortbread Crust.  There are few better combinations than rich bittersweet chocolate and creamy, luscious cheesecake. They’re both absolutely delicious on their own, but together they are heavenly.  And if that isn’t enough, add a buttery, shortbread crust […]

Soups, Stews and Legumes

Cannellini Bean and Fennel Soup

Cannellini Bean and Fennel Soup has a thick, rich-flavored broth that comes mostly from the cooking liquid of the beans. But what really makes the soup sing is the fennel flavor — silky sweet from the bulbs, aromatic and herbaceous from the chopped fronds.  I love the flavor of fennel!  […]

Cakes and Cheesecakes

Apple Caramel Cheesecake Bars

This dessert has it all! Buttery melt in your mouth shortbread crust is just the beginning.  Next, a layer of tart and spicey apple filling is spread over the crust.  Top this with a rich and creamy cheesecake swirled with caramel for a perfect combination of flavors – an explosion […]

Soups, Stews and Legumes

Mediterranean Red Lentil Soup

If you think lentils are boring and bland, this recipe for Mediterranean Red Lentil Soup will surprise your taste buds.  The best part, it comes together quickly – 20 minutes of prep and 20 minutes cooking time is all you need to serve a warm and comforting bowl of super […]

Cakes and Cheesecakes

Tiramisù Cheesecake

The inspiration for this Tiramisù Cheesecake was born out of necessity.  We are all suffering supply shortages.  After promising dinner guests Tiramisù for dessert, I was unable to find soft lady fingers (I prefer soft, sponge cake lady fingers to the dry, cookie-like Savoiardi).  I didn’t think it would be […]