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Friends and Family

We Miss Dining Out!

We miss dining out!   It makes us happy.  We get out of the house, experience new and delicious foods, relax and socialize with friends and family, meet new friends, and the cook gets a break!  All of these can have a great impact on your mood and your health.  We […]

Soups, Stews and Legumes

Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

This flavorful soup is so rich and creamy tasting, it is hard to believe it has no butter or cream in it.  Butternut squash is full of vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber, making it a very healthy soup.  Dip your spoon into a beautiful creamy bowl of brilliant […]

Breads and Pizza

Italian Soft Breadsticks

Italian Soft Breadsticks, soft, chewy, and quick to make! But be warned, it is impossible to eat just one. The perfect accompaniment to a bowl of soup or stew and a nice addition to a plate of prosciutto and salumi.  Or just give me a bowl of spicy marinara sauce […]


Tired of cooking? ME TOO!!!!

I miss dining out!  Covid19 and hazardous air quality from the many fires have reduced our options.  Indoor dining is limited due to social distancing regulations and outdoor dining has been impossible due to the poor air quality.   As much as I love to cook, there are times when I […]

Breads and Pizza

The Most Delicious Burger Buns

At the risk of repeating myself (I say this about ALL home baked bread), once you eat these buns, you will never buy store-bought burger buns again!  Another easy, no-knead recipe that results in the perfect texture and structure with rich flavor.  Did you get that??  FLAVOR!  When is the […]

Birds and Bunnies

Southwestern Chicken Cakes

Because I am always looking for fresh, new ideas, I sometimes forget about delicious recipes that have been in my files for a long time.  This is one of those recipes.  If I remember correctly, it was a recipe for a quick dinner I sent to my son Scott when […]


Snap Pea, Endive and Radish Salad

Snap peas are available year-round in most supermarkets.  But the season for fresh, locally grown snap peas is quite short.  So I “snap” them up as often as I can while they are available.  Plump, sweet, tender and juicy, they do not compare to what you find in the grocery […]

Vegetables and Sides

Corn and Parmigiano Sformati

A sformato (the singular of sformati) is a little Italian soufflé or custard.  It is less airy, more substantial and easier to make than a soufflé.  The word sformato means “unmolded” which is how they are served.  Most sformati are made with a béchamel base, but this is an even […]

Friends and Family

And the Winner Is…

So many of you have been using my cookbook and sending me delicious pictures.  I LOVE getting them!  I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you. Our friends Bernie and Linda sent the picture of the cookbook, earmarked with all of the recipes they wanted […]