Piemonte – Pasta Dishes

Agnolotti del Plin, Roasted Meat Filling and Roasted Meat Jus
Tajarin with Ragu of Veal, Beef, and Pork
Plin with Roasted Meat Filling and Roasted Meat Jus

Next is a very special pasta.  An oversized raviolo is filled with a creamy ricotta and spinach filling that holds an egg yolk.  When properly cooked, the yolk oozes out and combines with the butter sage sauce to create an unctuous bite.

Raviolo Bergese.
Agnolotti del Plin, Ricotta Filling, Tomato Butter Sauce, Shaved Black Truffles
Bucatini Pasta, Lobster, Calamari, Prawns, Sauce of Lobster Stock
Risotto al Barolo
Gnocchi al Castelmagno – Potato Gnocchi, Castelmagno Cheese Sauce and Shaved Truffles
Tajarin with Porcini Mushrooms – Cooked and shaved raw